Thursday, October 25, 2007

Craft Fair Goodies

I am FINALLY starting to roll out some goodies for the craft fair! It's about time, the fair is in 1 1/2 weeks! Akk...I better get a move on!

I *heart* craft fair time. I think it is a season in itself. I love seeing what other people make and how they use their creativity. I think it jumpstarts my own!

The frames are from Micheals ($1/each) I coated with mod podge and used it to hold down the Designer Paper from SU! Creative License Simply Scrappin kit. After it was dry I added the embellishments from the stickers inside the kit.

Target had a great deal on Magnetic Acrylic Frames a couple of weeks ago, a 2 pack for 94 cents. I snatched up all they had a used them for the calendars I got at . I ahve used various stamps and paper for these. I tried to make at least 2 of the same design, so just in case I have a favorite, I won't feel so bad about swiping it!

When I sell a set of cards I package them in a plastic card storage
box. I bought these so long ago, I am not sure where they came from! You can usually fit 6 cards in each box if they are not too bulky. I copy the inside sentiment (if there is one) on plain copy paper and insert it in the back so we don't have to keep opening the box for people to see them.

I saw these cute little ornaments on Marah Johnson's blog (look over on the right hand side for link) and thought they were so cool! I loved them. I am making these for my craft fair but secretly hoping they do not sell so I can put them on my daughter's silver feather Christmas tree...I think theat would be ROCKIN'!!!

Hope you all have a great week and happy creating!

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