Monday, November 19, 2007

Sometimes Life Happens!

Well, you think you are doing good and then happens.

My friend and I completed are craft fair, we made about $200 between the 2 of us. Had a LOT of foot traffic but not a lot of buyers as some years. I am trying to find another I can be a part of before Chrismas so I can unload some of this stuff and start making some Spring things before the spring craft fairs start up.

My oldest son will turn 14 tomorrow.

I really can't believe it. We had a "piggy back" birthday party yesterday with my cousin's 16th birthday party. A big crowd at the house!

Yes, his cake is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, we had already had cake from earlier and then we had a chili dinner with the family, we figured that was he enjoyed..hard part was blowing out all the candles! It was one large flame!

I am working on some of the holiday gift challenges on Splitcoast right now. I have been trying to make a pennant banner for the last couple of days, maybe I can get it done while the boys are at scouts tonight.

I will leave you with the CUTEST picture from yesterday's events. My 18 mo. nephew went missing for about 5 minutes...we found him doing what he loves to do best!! Have a great night!

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