Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OK...I admit, I am really NOT good at remembering to do things! Blogging just must be one of them! I will try hearder to keep this updated for here on out!

My favorite time of year is Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the smells (yumm....pumpkin pie!), the sights and the sounds! I love making homemade things for my family and friends as gifts. This year, I am going to make everyone "welcome" signs and a box of little Christmas note cards.

My family is about as crazy over Christmas as I am, so I am sure they will enjoy their gifts!

I am off to the mountains for a girls family weekend this weekend, I hope to get a little Christmas shopping done, for the harder to buy for people...namely, my KIDS! Ackkk...they all want $200 gifts! Maybe I will just take them to the beach for a week!! See you soon!

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